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We live in Cornwall, which has shaped our ethos around creating environmentally sound products which rebel against the notion that you can’t live consciously and healthily too. Having come from a busy career in London as a successful graphic designer (Tilly) and artist (Barry), lazy days on the beach are a far cry from the commuting we used to do. But the constant stresses of modern life, travelling and work inspired us to create products that help working families to lead more balanced and healthy lives. After discovering CBD, we decided to merge the apparent relaxation aiding properties of CBD with a sustainable outlook on sourcing ingredients for our delicious drinks. Our mission is to create drinks that are good for both you and the environment. That’s why we’re giving 5% of our profits to sustainable charities including Surfers against Sewage. 

Live well, and keep safe,Tilly and Barry

Rebelicious Drinks
7 Upland Crescent
United Kingdom

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